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Amazing Spaces Lawns Unlimited


Servicing Charleston, South Carolina since 1988. Locally owned and operated by Christina Gammons White  
  • Lawn Maintenance Services in Charleston SC Includes
  1. Mowing of all turf areas. Weed Eating all obstructed obstacles in yard inaccessible from mowing.
  2. Edging along concrete walks and driveways and beds
  3. Pruning and trimming shrubbery.
  4. Blowing all areas free of debris from mowing and weed eating process. 
  • Landscaping Service and Installation in Charleston SC Includes:
  1. Underground utility locate included. (Call 811 before you dig!)
  2. Prep location, order plants and turf for landscape installation. 
  3. Plants and materials purchased with delivery available.
  4. Coordinating of all services with all providers and all aspects of the landscape project. 
  • Irrigation Installation Services in Charleston SC Includes
  1. Irrigation system installation.
  2. Inspect to ensure all zones are working properly.
  3. Servicing and adjusting all heads, valves and drip lines.
  4. Coordinating with back flow inspectors for yearly inspections.
  5. Installation and design of full irrigation systems. Under Ground utility locate, call 811. Put together design for new
    installs, prep location, order supplies, pickup and setup clock and timer with electrical requirements, start installation.
  6. One Year Warranty on all New Installation services. "Mechanical Components not included. Refer to manufacture warranty"
  • Absentee Homeowner Services in Charleston SC Includes
  1. Move In / Move Out Commercial, resort and absentee home owners cleaning available.
  2. Absentee monthly, weekly home inspections.
  3. We do not offer residential home services. Unless the home is empty.
  4. Real Estate agents; give the gift to your clients of a nice fresh clean home and fresh mowed lawn for your new home or office buyer.
  5. Sellers call to have your home inspected while absentees are away, have the home pressure washed, have the lawn mowed, have the
    irrigation inspected, have planters refurbished for curb appeal.
  •           We provide services in the following areas:

Charleston County, Johns Island, James Island, Down Town, North Charleston, and West Ashley.

Kiawah and Seabrook Island Call for Appointments and Special Requests.

 Lawn and Landscape Service Irrigation Installation and Inspections ~ Tree Removal and Trimming ~ Bedding Materials ~ Mulch or Long Needle Pine Straw ~  Sod Installation ~ Chemical Applications ~ Gutter Cleaning  Cleaning Services ~Absentee Home Owner Services 

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